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In recent years, crafts have made a huge comeback as a hobby and in the business world. Knitting and crochet are back in vogue, (not the magazine – but actually, there probably are knitted and crocheted items in their pages too,) and sites like Etsy showcase the best (and Regretsy shows some of the not-so-good stuff,) and allows people to buy beautiful handmade items.

So what better way to make your big day truly unique and truly yours than by incorporating some bespoke crafts? Here’s a few ideas to get you started:


It’s not long now. You’ve got the venue sorted, the dress is ready, (and beautiful – if they don’t at least well up when they see it, you’ll kill them!) and suits have been measured. The cake’s ordered, the flowers are in the bag and the menu is set. And yet, you still have a Read more ..