Cambridgeshire Great Ouse Riverbank Couple Maternity Photos

Cambridgeshire Great Ouse Riverbank Couple Maternity Photos

Last time I saw Kate and Chris it was when I was shooting their wedding photos …

… and it now looks there will be another addition to our family in the form of Rowan, due in a couple of months!

Kate was positively blooming when they came to visit for the day and I took the opportunity to take them both for a walk along the banks of the Great Ouse river in Littleport when they asked if I could take some maternity photos for them. It was one of the last beautiful days of summer and we’d headed out to the Swan pub for a bite to eat. As we chatted and took it in turns to walk my  two-year-old daughter around the pub garden to inspect insects and frolic in the flowers, I spotted a nearby life ring float – after all the pub is right on the banks of the river and get boats dock to stop for a meal and a drink before heading away downriver, leaving only their wakes lapping the jetty. I decided the life ring would make for a fun photo prop and snagged this image:

Pregnant woman holds life preserver ring over baby bump

I kept the wide angle lens on for a while and as we turned around I caught a shot of Kate in front of a tree. The wide angle really accentuates her bump in this shot, but with only two months to go at the time of shooting, it was getting pretty big in real life too!

Wide angle maternity portrait of woman holding her bump

We then took a little walk to a nearby mini-marina where some of the local boat owners are moored. The light was nice, but I added a bit of fill-in flash to make the two (three!) of them really pop.

Couple maternity portrait photo by a river

Man kisses pregnant wife's belly by a river

We continued up to the riverbank, which is raised several feet above the surface of the river, giving a nice view down it, especially since it was that beautiful time of evening with low, golden light – often referred to as ‘The golden hour’.

Couple maternity portrait photo by the Great Ouse river Cambridgeshire

As the sun dipped lower, I ramped up the flash power to make sure the guys were exposed correctly and we caught the last of the evening sun in the field just off the bank and I took these shots near a hay bale and in the trees to finish off before Kate and Chris headed back off home.

Maternity portrait photo of couple sharing a kiss by a hay bale

Couple put hands on baby bump by trees

I’m guessing with all our busy schedules the next time I see the guys I’ll be doing a newborn shoot, which is something to look forward to!

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