Fornham All Saints Wedding Abbots Barn Reception

Fornham All Saints Wedding Abbots Barn Reception

I first met Andrew and Shanice in a Starbucks near Bury St Edmunds. We’d sent a few messages back and forth, but I always like to meet with clients in person so we get to chat and find out a little more about each other, as well as ask questions.

Bride poses with bouquet

The bride poses for a quick shot with her bouquet before the service at Fornham All Saints church, Suffolk

The bride and groom kiss in the church doorway

The bride and groom share a tender kiss in the church doorway immediately after the service.

Bride and groom holding hands close up

The bride and groom hold hands in an intimate moment away from their guests.

Their wedding was to be held in a little village church in Fornham All Saints in Suffolk, with the reception to be held at Abbots Barn in Denham, nearby. I’d never shot in either of these places before but was assured by another photographer that they were lovely venues, and so it turned out to be.

A view down the aisle as the bride and groom exchange vows

The bride and groom, surrounded by friends and family, make their vows at Fornham All Saints church, Suffolk.

From the meeting with Andrew and Shanice, I got that they wanted some posed formal shots with family, but the majority was to be candid, reportage-style photography that captured the genuine emotions of the day. I love both styles – as a photographer posed shots provide a challenge to create interesting compositions but give you more control over the resulting image, whereas candid shots mean you have to be alert and ready to shoot at a moment’s notice when you see something interesting, but you get those real smiles and none of the stiffness that sometimes can creep into posed shots.

The wedding party pose for a fun and silly shot.

“Let’s do a silly one!” they said. No problem, I said.

The service and particularly the reception were to be very child-friendly events as Andrew and Shanice have kids of their own and many of their friends and family have children as well and the couple wanted the kids to be able to run and play unfettered and freely. They’d organised microphones for the speeches so no one had to shush their children during them and had toys to play with and a small ball pool set up, as well as a bouncy castle.

Children playing on a bouncy castle at a wedding reception

The happy couple’s son playing on the bouncy castle as a friend bounds past at Aboots Barn, Denham, Suffolk.

Abbots Barn grounds are very pretty and after I’d wandered around taking candid shots of the assembled family and friends, we found a lovely part to do the formal shots with some brick steps joining the lower part of the garden to the upper part.I shot a few in front of the large barn doors before the bride and groom were presented to their guests, at which point the food was served and I took a break too.

Bride and groom holding a chalkboard with Thank You written on it in black and white

The bride and groom hold up a heart shaped chalkboard with Thank You written on it, to go out to all who attended.

Soon it was time to rejoin the revellers in the barn and during my break I’d quickly prepped some images from the service to be displayed on screens next to the DJ booth while people danced. It’s not a request I get often, but I’m always happy to go above and beyond for my clients whenever possible.

A close shot of the bride and groom holding hands during the service in black and white

The bride and groom hold hands during the service at Fornham All Saints Church, Suffolk.

Bride and groom showered with confetti

The happy couple are showered with confetti after the service at Fornham All Saints church, Suffolk

After shooting the speeches and the cake cutting, (and what a cake!) it was time for the first dance. We had a small problem with the electrics in the barn briefly, but all my flashes are battery powered, so I was able to get some candid shots of people on the dancefloor anyway. After the issue was sorted, I got what I feel are some great shots of their first dance together as husband and wife before heading off and leaving them to the night’s festivities.

Intricately decorated four layer wedding cake

The amazing and beautiful wedding cake, comprising of four layers on a diamante-studded base.

Bride holding son after cake cutting

The bride holds her young son as he samples the wedding cake after it is cut.

Wedding cake top with edible flowers

The top of the wedding cake with those delicious looking edible roses.

Father spins his daughter in the air on the dancefloor at wedding reception

A happy dad takes his daughter for an aeroplane ride on the dancefloor during the wedding reception at Abbots Barn, Suffolk.

First dance backlit bride

The bride is backlit by my flash and grins happily during her first dance with her new husband.

Bride and groom's first dance with smoke in black and white

The bride and groom take their first spin out on the dancefloor as a married couple.

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