How We Work

  • February 17, 2014

This is where we get stuck into the nitty gritty.

Where you find out what goes on. What I need from you, what you get from me, and when.

Let’s not waste time, here we go:

The first stage:

Is contacting me to register your interest. You can do that by emailing me, or calling me on 07837 858390 or filling in my contact form. There’s no obligation – we can just have a chat. You could always start by saying something like:

“Hey dude, we love your stuff! Come do our wedding, it’ll be awesome.”

Or whatever. 😉 Oh, and this is REALLY important: Tell me when it is, where it is and if you feel like it, a random fact about each of you. For the most fun, I dare you to each tell me a random fact about the other and don’t edit them before sending them over to me!

But before you skip on over to the Book Me page, let’s look at the rest of How We Work. (Don’t worry, there’ll be another link later on for those of you who are already desperate to reserve your date.)

So, I receive the request and I go,

“Cool, these people seem awesome! Let’s get in touch.”

And I look at my diary and call or email you with the details you’ve provided.

We then have a heart to heart.

I’m going to ask you a bunch of questions, but it’s just so I can get as much info as possible, but DO NOT WORRY if there’s anything you’re not sure how to answer at this stage, there’s time to work it all out and we’ll be chatting from time to time in the run up to your amazing day. You leave this conversation knowing most of what you need to know.

The next step:

We meet in person! Ohmygosh! You get to experience the full power of the beard in the … flesh? Hair? Whatever. We meet up and usually I like to go for a coffee somewhere and just talk about how things are going, start to figure out exactly what you want from your day and how I can make that happen.

We’ll cover the venue, the itinerary, if there are any particular shots you want to get from the day, the package you’re looking to get and any hurdles that might get thrown my way like say, if Granny once had a disastrous affair with a photographer during the war and still harbours a deep resentment for my kind;  If your Uncle is allergic to flashbulbs or your sister not only hates her arms, but arms in general and will run screaming from the room if I roll up my sleeves or anything like that. Families can be … weird. I know, I’ve got one.

Ideally at the meeting, I’d like to get contracts signed and take the deposit to secure your date. This will normally be about 10% of the package chosen, but may vary depending on what we’ve decided between us. I know I goof around when talking, but you need to know that behind the fun, I run a professional business. I honestly believe it’s possible to be professional and goof around at the same time.

Speaking of contracts, this will be the moment we’ll go through it, and iron out anything that’s not clear. I will have sent to you prior to the meeting, but  don’t worry if you forget to bring your copy, I will have brought spares. (See? Professional.) If you have any concerns about – well, anything – now would be the time to discuss them with me. You don’t like clause 8 of the contract? Let’s look into why.

Whatever it is, we are now working on this wedding as a collaboration, so however I can help, I will. Just don’t ask me to make the dress for you. I’m terrible at sewing – however my wife is a seamstress, so we’ve even got you covered there if you needed a last minute minor alteration or something.

Oh, and just so you know, I may bring my camera along and I might snag a quick pic of you two. Just so you’re aware.

After that, I’ll be in touch several more times before the big day to confirm things and just generally see how you guys are doing.

Pre-Wedding Engagement shoot

Some couples like to have a pre-wedding shoot done of them together, which they can use on invites, or e-vites or just to have a nice photo from before the wedding to put on the wall or send to family. If we’ve agreed on a pre-wedding shoot, we will have arranged it at our meeting. It’s included in the price of all of my packages, so nothing extra to pay!

One month to go!

This is usually when I would ask for the balance of the package to be paid. This is also a good time to let me know of any last minute information I might need.

The day of the wedding:

Obviously this will vary depending on what package you’ve chosen, along with any specific instructions I have been given (“Make sure you get a shot of Mum when she’s tiddly!”). If I’m to be with you all day, I’ll arrive early for ‘getting ready’ and details shots. I’ll then be shooting to the schedule we’ve laid out in our chats and meetings. I’ll normally eat when the guests eat, simply because very few people look good while they’re tucking in, so I normally avoid shooting during this time, but will be back in time for speeches.

I want my stuff!

So you’re married! Wow! And it all went so well. Awesome.

My normal turnaround time for getting digital copies back to you is 2-3 weeks and that includes choosing the best ones, (I probably won’t include that one where dad blinked or I caught someone mid-conversation and it looks like they’re gurning,). I normally try for two weeks, as that’s either how long your honeymoon has been, or else you went away for a week and are now champing at the bit to see your awesome photos.

Albums take up to 6-8 weeks. In part due to the fact that I need to design them and in part due to how long it takes to get them printed and back from the supplier. I promise I am busting to get your photos in front of you and there is always the opportunity to meet up again and go through them together – if delighted smiles could pay my bills, this would be the moment I’d feel like a millionaire.

I want more of my stuff!

“We loved the photos and adore the album. Is there any chance we could still get a few prints of our favourites? Or a canvas?”

Absolutely. I don’t delete your photos, so you can come to me a year down the line or more and get extra prints, or a canvas, no problem. I had an IT background prior to getting into photography, so I ensure all your photos are backed up and safe, so even if the worst happens and your computer crashes, I’ll be able to send them to you again – free of charge, because I love you guys. (“All right, don’t get all soppy on us!”)

All clear for now? Don’t worry, there’ll be time for other Questions a little later on, but for now, how about we look at some Examples.