Photos From Last Ever Wedding At Popular Bristol Venue Riverstation

Photos From Last Ever Wedding At Popular Bristol Venue Riverstation

I lived in Bristol for about eight years and love the city. It’s very vibrant with a relaxed kind of attitude and arty vibe.

Where most cities decry grafitti as vandalism, Bristol positively encourages street murals:

A photo of a large graffiti cat in Bristol

So when my friends John and Hannah announced their engagement and wedding date, I was not only overjoyed for them, but also excited for the chance to go back and visit.

Handmade hanging heart wedding decorations

John asked me to be his best man — a huge honor, especially considering we’ve only known each other for about four years. I accepted, with a little trepidation.

Close up of the groom in monochrome

Originally, another friend of ours who is an amazing videographer was going to be doing the photography, but wisely decided that the video would be plenty enough to keep him busy and trying to juggle stills as well would mean one or the other would suffer.

A black and white portrait of the bride

Obviously I was going to be taking my camera anyway to grab a few shots of the day, so an agreement was made that I would do the photography. I was elated. What better present could I give my friends than an album full of happy memories? It was a short time later that I realised I was still the best man and would need to juggle both those responsibilities AND make sure I got great shots of the ceremony and reception.

A monochrome photo of the bride and groom

I’ll be honest, the fear set in as the date approached. How would I manage to do both roles?

A photo along the bar at The Riverstation, Bristol

As I arrived at the bride and groom-to-be’s house, I quickly forgot about the pressure as it turned out the groom had lost his 150 year-old ring, which was a family heirloom, and I had to help him find the “safe place” he’d put it. After much searching we turned up nothing and a temporary substitute had to be given to the maid of honour, who was to give the bride the groom’s ring at the critical moment, while I pocketed the bride’s ring, to be given to the groom when he needed it.

A close up of the groom placing the ring on his wife's finger

After that it was time to get ready, so there was no time to even think about worrying. We got into our suits, put on our buttonholes and headed down to The Riverstation, on the Bristol harbourside. It’s a beautiful venue with two floors, both with large windows at the end of the room, overlooking the river. It’s a great shame that they will no longer be offering the space for weddings, but I’m glad I got to go and honoured I got to photograph the last wedding to take place there.

The dining room at The Riverstation venue in Bristol

It was a fantastic day, full of laughter and fun, which is exactly what I’d expect from John and Hannah.

Wedding guests pose with handmade photo props

In the end I managed to balance both roles pretty well I thought – it went a little something like this:

*click* *click*
“The ring? Yes, I have it here.”
*click* *click* *click*
“Sign the register as a witness? No problem.
*click* *click*
“Make a speech? Sure thing …”

A loving glance as the couple say their vows

and so on, into the evening.

Portait of the groom with handmade mask

John and Hannah are pleased with their photos from the day and I’m looking forward to shooting my next wedding as photographer only!

Father of the bride portrait holding her toy

A photo of the wedding cakes

Handmade table decorations at the wedding reception

A monochrome portrait of the bride kissing the groom

A photo of a candle in a jar

A close up photo of the wedding flowers

Photo of a vintage round suitcase decorated for the wedding

I still have bookings available for late 2013, so if you’re still looking for a wedding photographer in the UK for an Autumn/Winter wedding, get in touch using the form below.

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