Three Crafty Ideas to Make Your Wedding Unique

Three Crafty Ideas to Make Your Wedding Unique

In recent years, crafts have made a huge comeback as a hobby and in the business world. Knitting and crochet are back in vogue, (not the magazine – but actually, there probably are knitted and crocheted items in their pages too,) and sites like Etsy showcase the best (and Regretsy shows some of the not-so-good stuff,) and allows people to buy beautiful handmade items.

So what better way to make your big day truly unique and truly yours than by incorporating some bespoke crafts? Here’s a few ideas to get you started:

  • Handmade Bouquets
    A handmade bouquet can last a lot longer than real flowers, is often cheaper, (particularly if you make it yourself,) and has a nicer feel to it than fake plastic flowers. Also, there are a lot more options with handmade bouquets, including colour and style. You could have a knitted/crocheted bouquet, an origami bouquet, felt, fabric, beaded … or any combination thereof! The colour scheme can be tailored to your exact requirements and you’re not restricted to only natural colours. You want a luminous lime green wool bouquet? You can have it. (Something less eye-popping might look nicer though! 😉 )
  • Table/Hanging decorations
    A really fantastic way to show off your craft skills and individualise your wedding day is with the table decorations. A crafted centrepiece catches the eye and provides a great conversation starter for your guests, who may be seated with people they don’t know. The more unusual the better!

    Wedding table decorations

    Also, you can make decorations to hang around the reception area. At Hannah and John’s wedding in bristol, Hannah had made gorgeous hanging paper hearts from recycled books, that still had the print on them. This showed off Hannah and John’s passion for reading, as well as their love for each other and was a unique and lovely addition to the day.

  • Handmade wedding paper heart decorations

  • Props
    There is no better way to inject some fun into your wedding than with some silly photo props – and it’s guaranteed to gets the guests laughing! A pack of wooden dowels or even lollipop sticks and some card is really all you need to get started, although the possibilities are endless. Fake glasses, moustaches/beards and speech bubbles that guests can write in are favourites, but you could make fake flower garlands to go with your bouquet, have chalkboards for people to draw on, (which have the advantage over card of being reusable,) hats and masks, (both of which can just be cut out of card,) – the possibilities are endless!
  • Wedding guests play with the fun photo props at the reception

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